Talk about Office Space

Depends on the space efficiency and the space requirements of the building Office Space – In a new office space, you normally feel confused as to what you should do, where to place things, how to make it look presentable, what color to paint the walls and what decorations to place. Critical f Read More :

Talk about Green Office Design

Green Office Design is a positive trend in today’s corporate world Green Office Design – Whether you’re searching for a new office space or renovating your current location, an office makeover can give your company a fresh face and a new start. Office space design is composed of s Read More :

Dolby Laboratories – Office Interior

Anda mungkin akan mengira Interior Kantor Dolby Laboratories ini adalah Museum seni Artikel Arsitektur – Desain Office Interior Dolby Laboratories disesuaikan dengan bisnis mereka, yaitu bersinggungan dengan Ilmu pengetahuan, Teknologi dan Seni. Maka terciptalah karya seni yang kental dari pe Read More :