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World Architecture – The buildings at the present time, may not like the place we ever remember in childhood. Materials and new technologies shape the way we build. At the same time, many architects are also drawing the past and interpret it in a more modern way.

With the continued development of the diversity of social life as well as increased sensitivity to the environment, the architectural design is far from primitive forms. It is an attempt to be comfortable, economical and beautiful. This book contains 250 projects selected architecture, provides a detailed and comprehensive depiction of architectural projects of the best and newest of the 50 countries in 6 continents.

“Architects can find inspiration by looking at the balance between global trends and features personal needs.”

This eBook offers readers a visual feast to see a collection of world-class architecture which is categorized into 10 sections, including:

  • Cultural,
  • Commercial,
  • Hospital,
  • Education,
  • Corporate,
  • Residential,
  • Hotels,
  • Transportation,
  • Recreation and
  • complex architecture.

Each project is illustrated with photographs and text plan. In addition, each of the geographic regions distinguished by different colors. This eBook will serve as a source of pleasure and inspiration for all readers.

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