Boring Cubicles

Replacing Boring Cubicles One Letter at a Time: Fold Yard

Freshome- Magazine– When creative ideas strike, the creator must follow.

In this case, French 3D artist and illustrator Benoit Challand imagined an “alphabet” of open office concept that extends the perspective we have on cubicles in the workspace. 

Typography was the main design element – each desk maintains storing spaces, partitions, desk space and shelves, all seen as part of a large-scale letterform.

This collection was gathered under the name Fold Yard and Benoit Challand is proud of how this subtle design turned out.

When viewed from above, the succession of animated office desks reveal their typographic nature.

Typography-inspired cubicles shape an open office system that was inspired by the need to be more productive and creative at the same time.

Each office desk is shaped like a different letter of the alphabet, adding a twist to the boring office systems seen in most companies and being easily adaptable to unusually-shaped spaces.

The open office has come under fire of late. Research says it’s bad for productivity and it might even make us sick. And monotonous, boxy cubicles don’t do much by way of visual inspiration.

But a design by French creative Benoit Challand might make you think different. In his concept for Fold Yard, every desk in an open office is shaped as a different letter of the alphabet.

This typography turned into functional furniture celebrates the beauty of the large-scale letterform.

The letters’ shapes are abstracted unless viewed from above, when they spell out words or phrases.

Do you prefer these smartly-designed typographic office desks to plain old cubicles?

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