Casa Nova Lima House

Casa Nova Lima House

The home located in Nova Lima, Brazil, was designed by architect Marcelo Montoro with interiors by Patricia Salles.

Amazing Interior and Architectural work
coming out of Brasil- a country that
has so many natural resources- as well as the ability to
build for a temperate ” Indoor-becomes-Outdoor ”
sort of climate & atmosphere.

Luxury and exuberance are the right words to describe this house in Nova Lima, 22 km from Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The project was developed by S+A Brazil, under the leadership of Architect Marcelo Montoro, and in partnership with Piantina Architecture, responsible for the interior design project.

The house is divided in four distinct blocks, interconnected through a special steel material, coated with reflective glass.

  • Block 1 is divided in 8 suites, a studio and a restroom;
  • on Block 2, the social area consists of a home cinema room and a heated swimming pool.
  • Block 3 is composed by a kitchen, a spa and a playing area.
  • Block 4 is reserved for home employees including an independent residence.

In the middle lays a large garden and a pool.

Outside there is:

  • a swimming pool,
  • a tennis court and
  • a playground.

The exterior walls are handmade with a local stone (Canga de Minérios) of intense red color that multiplies under sunlight.

The block wall in the floating,open riser staircase
as well as the magnificent “wall hanging” in the TV Room- which looks like a huge sea-fan-coral-artifact.

The Photographer, Gustavo Xavier- did an amazing series of images @ sunrise (and low light images) of the homes interiors and the surrounding grounds.

Architect: Marcelo Montoro (S+A Brazil)
Interior design: Patrícia Salles (Piantina Architecture)

Photography by © Gustavo Xavier



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