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Quality furniture anchors a home and sets a mood

Quality Furniture – Since furniture is often one of the most expensive purchases for a room, it is important to be able to judge quality design. Furniture Designers think the essentials in the design of quality furniture include the initial design, respect for the environment, and solid construction (Green Design)

“Beautifully designed furniture reflects shapes and textures within nature. Natural shapes enhance wood furniture in particular, since the material itself is derived from the environment. Natural shapes and textures also work to create a calm mood.”

  • A master furniture designer is able to craft pieces that achieve their function while still being attentive to comfort.
  • The designer then adds finishes and uses materials to evoke a particular style.
  • A particularly unique piece of furniture can serve as a focal point for a room, while still harmonizing with other features and the setting.
Quality Furniture
Quality Furniture


“Another dimension of quality is respect for the environment. The use of reclaimed materials, such as fallen trees, logs, or pieces of abandoned structures, is one of the best ways to achieve “Green Design” furniture.”

Use of these materials not only avoids destruction of forests but also enhances the beauty of furniture. Furniture made of these materials glows with the color, texture, and patina of wood with a past story. After initial construction, finishes should be nontoxic. Besides reclaimed materials, another strategy for “green design” furniture is simply making quality furniture that lasts. In contrast, inexpensive furniture of low-quality materials and poor design ends up in landfills.

“A sign of high-quality and durable furniture is the presence of long-practiced joinery methods.”

Instead of stapling, these joinery methods enhance the beauty of the piece while maintaining exceptional strength. High-quality joinery uses dowels and screws, and at times, glue, which should never show. In mortise and tendon joinery, the woodworker makes a 90-degree joint of two pieces held together by a fastener. In dovetails the woodworker makes a series of cuts, almost like two rows of teeth that fit together. Drawers often have dovetail construction.

Trends in furniture design

Trends in furniture design have seen significant changes over the last several years, as more people look to increase the value of their life at home.

“Some want new furniture to compliment the home improvement projects they’ve undertaken to improve the resale value of their homes. Others are looking for ways to make home life more comfortable and convenient.”

Whatever the motivation, a desire to add luxury and personality is evident in trends in home furniture design.


The emerging Luxury Modern design style features the clean lines, open feel and spare color palette of contemporary decorating styles, with an emphasis on luxury materials. Quarry tile work is preferred over laminate or vinyl, leather fabric over synthetic textiles, and gold-toned metallic accents over chrome. While the house furniture retains the sleek, unadorned lines of contemporary decorating styles, natural materials, such as wood and leather, are more likely to be featured. Glass is frequently used for coffee, dining room and end tables, primarily to better showcase statement decorative objects.


With the eclectic style, the focus is on rich colors, materials and textures, rather than on adhering to any single period decorating style. Furniture may be purchased in sets, but it is unlikely that the set will be grouped together. Instead, the pieces may find their way into different locations throughout the home, serving as unifying elements that tie the design together. Whereas in most decorating styles, the intent is to present a cohesive whole, in the eclectic style, each individual piece provides visual interest.

“Furniture for an eclectic room may feature an unusual design, fabric or shape.”

When shopping online or brick-and-mortar home furniture stores for the eclectic style, look for lush fabrics, decorative detailing and interesting forms. Search by color and material, not simply by decorating style.


The continuing trend to present interiors that look as if they have been assembled over time has many homeowners turning to the Old World decorating style.

This style features quality house furniture that looks as if it has been handed down for generations. In home furniture, leather is the star of the Old World style.

“Furniture like sofas, loveseats, ottomans and chairs crafted in fine leather add a feeling of history to home décor.”

An earth-tone palette is favored in furnishings in the Old World style, with surfaces such as wood, marble and leather that offer depth and texture, rather than gleam and shine. Textured walls, fine upholstery and heavy fabrics for window treatments are hallmarks of the Old World style.

Trends in furniture design are leaning towards styles that allow personal expression, with an emphasis on quality materials, fabrics and construction. Searching online home furniture stores for the latest trends in furniture may be more convenient than wandering through warehouse furniture stores. Browse stores today to discover that latest designs!

When making big changes

Room by room there are so many options to consider when making big changes and a good designer will offer lots of ideas which you may not have thought about because they tend to have an eye for what will work.

The colours as well as wall textures are affected by lighting and can be subtle or brazen depending on what you have in mind. An office may tend to be lighter and brighter than a living room in your home for instance.

“With the help of an expert furniture designer you can make changes that will be pleasing for years to come.”

Designer’s school provides many to expand on their imaginations

Programs for design training may include learning to draw or sketch designs, bringing them from one’s mind onto paper to expand on ideas can concepts. Workshops for design can provide knowledge and how to develop new ideas that will work in commercial applications.

Training for furniture designers is often a method of expanding on their original ideas and putting them to practical use.

Office Interior

Office space is one area of our environment that generally can use some updating from time to time. Whether we dwell in a cubicle for 8 hours a day or roam about a large room which is brightly lit and colourful, those same walls become quite boring to look at after a few years.

Office managers or business owners may decide to make some changes to help keep up employee morale and hire a furniture designer who is expert in what works with improving the work space around us.

They know off white walls get exceedingly boring fairly soon and we do want to keep awake while toiling away at our desk.

“Bring in some orange and blue or perhaps light and darker blue for contrast and renewed interest all the while changing the lighting to provide more brightness for those who can use more and improved lighting for their work areas.”

Quality Furniture – Home lighting varies from room to room

While the job of furniture designer is to make furniture that is comfortable, useful, and versatile, the amount and type of lighting in each room is vital to the atmosphere and mood of the rooms involved.

Keeping the kitchen and dining room brightly lit while providing a more subtle, perhaps moody light style in family rooms may help keep the family happy.

Bedrooms may be softly lit while the living room offers bright and modern lighting to make it a social gathering place.

Bespoke furniture design is all about making each room and each piece of furniture “liveable” while also comfortable for use. Setting the mood for togetherness when the family gathers and creating space to be sociable and have fun together.

If you want the rooms in your home to be as bright and beautiful as possible, why not visit Makers’ eye, where a team of skilled designers will help you to create the completely unique home furnishings you’ve always dreamed of, from bespoke dining chairs to bespoke coffee tables.


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