Font Furniture

Font Furniture, from Tabisso

TABISSO is a French design company focusing on high-end, Font furniture. Their chair line includes letters A-Z and numbers 1-9, and the coordinating floor lamps cover more than 20 punctuation marks.

Font furniture is not only comfortable and functional, but also adds to the aesthetics and identity of your home or office. 

The chairs are all made to order, since clients will no doubt be asking for custom words every time.

font furniture 02

And because everything from the upholstery material and color, to the frame and base, can be specified to match any decor.

These could definitely be used creatively in a huge variety of places. They’ve already created typography seating for various environments, including “law” for a law firm, “zen” for a spa, and “golf” and “tee” for golf clubs.

That’s where Tabisso’s Font Furniture and Lamps gets a leg up, because although the design is relatively simple, the things that you can do with them are endless. 

All of their products are made-to-order in France, and chairs can be custom upholstered with fabrics or leathers in a spectrum of colors. The wooden shell and metal footing also have a variety finishing options.

font furniture

These would definitely be chairs that will turn heads. Aside from looking like giant alphabet marshmallows, these lounge chairs look so comfortable at the same time.

The best part is that you can spell out anything you please with them, which is kind of the whole point of this line of furniture.

“with regards to materials and manufacturing – wood is certified from sustainably managed forests, manufacturing is entirely local in a strategy of regional employment and short logistic cycles.”

TABISSO also gives back by sponsoring basic school material for developing countries through their charity program named Spring Of Education, and they are mindful of sustainability.






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