Hanging Book Rack

Hanging Book Rack, another way to store and display books

Forget bookshelves, all you really need are hooks to hang up your books in between reads, like this cool new Hanging Book Rack.

Bookworms will be pleased to know that there’s another way to store and display books aside from shelves.

Hanging-Book-Rack 02

As the name indicates, it’s a book rack in the unconventional sense because it doesn’t have shelves where you’re supposed to arrange your books.

Instead, it looks like a coat rack, with its wooden plates and all.

At the bottom of these plates are waxed cotton strings that hold the books in place, and they function as a bookmark, at the same time, too.

To account for varying book thickness, the wooden plates can be moved from left to right to make sure everything fits.

“The Hanging Book rack can fit up to twelve books, and that should be more than enough for your Book of the Month reads”.

This innovative wooden book storage system lets you hang up to 12 books along the wall using waxed cotton strings that double as bookmarks.

hanging_book_rack 01

The books can be hung with the spin facing out like a normal shelf or hung on their sides to show their covers at an angle.

By adjusting the little wooden plates position at the bottom of the string, books of various sizes can be lined up evenly in a straight line.

The racks come in various sizes and wood types, but all are equally cool and unique.

resource: thegreenhead.com


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