How to Hiring the Right Architect

Hiring The Right architect is challenging because you can’t ‘test drive’ the end product during the interview


The Right Architect – Who doesn’t dream of buying and owning their own home and raising a family. This is one of the important goals in everybody’s life. From the day one starts earning, he starts saving up and postpones all other plans in order to be able to put down the down payment and afford a home.

For those who have flair for doing up interiors can opt for custom built homes designed by architects as per their design requirement. This will mean that you will be spending a lot of time in designing your home and getting it built as per your plans.

“The project can be a little more expensive than buying a ready-made house. But then it is worth it.”

“The most important thing to do first is to find an architect who’s design style and temperament matches yours for he would be the one who can give concrete shape to your ideas and help create your dream home.”

You might find hundreds of architects in the listing. But then not all of them specialize in building custom design homes of the size that you are looking at. Besides those who are into this niche segment would need to have the same sensibilities and style that you wish to follow. So it means a little deeper search for the right person for this job.

Just finding the architect who is ready to take on your project will not be the end of your search. You should also check out some of her works that she has already executed and visit those homes to get a feel of her style and sensibilities. More importantly he or she should be working close by so that they are able to visit the site and supervise while the construction is going on.

“Getting a list of architects who are into designing homes in your area is very easy and will take a few minutes of your time. Get on to Google and in seconds the search engine will throw up a listing of hundreds of websites of architects in your area and you can then start short listing them.”

Before you start working on the listing of architects, it is important that you get equipped with the right knowledge of how to select a right architect, what questions to ask him or her, how to evaluate him and also understand how the architects go about charging for a project. This will prove to be very useful guide for you in your project.

Project Manager

Once you have done your homework and are ready, you can kick start your dream project by starting your search for the right architect.

“Do you think an architect would just start building a house or building without putting a lot of thought or planning into it? I think not! So, what makes you think you will be successful in life or in business without a plan?”

In order to be successful in anything you must first start with a blueprint or a business plan. That blueprint or business plan is something that you will want to create in great detail, the more the merrier. The greater the details the more likely you are to succeed in at whatever you are trying to accomplish.

If you’re looking for an architect you’ve probably read this:

Visit the architect’s office.

An architect’s office can say a lot about their design aesthetic and creativity. A disorganized architect’s office might be a red flag.

An architect has to organize hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of information, and a disorganized office might be a big red flag.

Ask your architect if they are using 3D software

(the answer should be ‘yes’ )

Architects communicate with drawings as well as words.

Look at the architect’s drawings and ask questions about them.

A complete set of construction drawings includes specifications.

Not all architectural information is communicated within drawings.

Look at the architect’s website.

A well designed, well organized website can communicate that an architect is organized and can assemble information in a clear format.

Find out how well the architect works with building departments.

A good architect can easily get a residential or small commercial project through with no revisions or one round of revisions. So spend the time to choose a good architect.

Selection of an architect can be a long and complicated process and it can be an unhappy and unnecessarily expensive experience if the client and the architect are not a good match.

If your project is a municipal building, has the architect recently completed design of municipal buildings?

Do you have references for similar work?

The same is true of architects. So if all the references are lukewarm, beware. Also be wary if the firm shows plenty of projects just like yours, but none of those projects are included in the references. It could be an oversight, so ask, but if the architect is unable to provide any references for relevant projects, run.

During the selection process the top architect will be your best friend. You better hope not, the top architect gets top dollar. For most projects you’ll want the top architect to contribute to, not control the project-perhaps in a Quality Control/Quality Assurance role, reviewing the work of the architect who will be responsible for the project on a day-to-day basis.

Does the Architect listen to and understand your concerns?

Your project will not be successful if the architect does not understand your needs. This is your project, your vision. Your architect should enhance, not hijack, your vision.

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