Interior design steps.

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Interior design in five easy steps.

Interior design is a discipline involving a number of essential key principles, more than one of which involves floor and wall surfaces made of ceramic: a material that changes and improves the way we perceive any home.

Here are five rules to follow when approaching the discipline.

There are two main currents in interior design:

  • Furniture and
  • Surfaces, particularly ceramic surfaces.Its not easy to separate these two theoretical sets, but if we look at how they relate to one another and where they come together we may be sure to achieve good results.

Decorating does not mean merely arranging furniture in space; it is also necessary to take into consideration the wall and floor surfaces it will relate to, which are often porcelain tiles. 

The interior designers work is therefore always torn between these two choices.

We offer a five-point list to be taken into consideration when approaching interior decoration, to which you may later add additional choices dictated by your own personal vision of living in the home.

Light is a key element in every room in the home,

whether natural or artificial, which always manages to create atmosphere.

Its effect on ceramic surfaces can vaporise space, revealing the different hues of colour in the space in relation to the wall coverings.

One example is the hues of Eiffelgres Argent collection.

In the same way, light makes the volumes of furniture more or less evanescent, making it an essential component of good interior design

The walls 

enclose the space in a room, penetrated by doors,windows or niches which give them a functional identity.

They are the dominant three-dimensional element in the interior, creating the perspective view of space in the home, and so their positioning is very important.

They may be made neutral or emphasised, and this seemingly simple decision determines the whole look of the room.

Two wall coverings reveal this ambivalence particularly well: the ability of the Sensibile collection to stand out or the Pietra d’Origine collection to blend in. Both collections are made by Eiffelgres.


May be neutral or aggressive, identifying and qualifying a space.

It is a key component in interior decoration because it not only works with light to make every surface an experience oflight and shadow, but can become pure decoration.

Decoration of the walls or floors, created by the textures of the ceramics covering them, alters their identity.

If based on the colours of nature or classic design, it will create a warm, cosy atmosphere, such as that of Eiffelgres? Pietralavica collection; whereas reproductions of industrial surfaces such as Effelgres? Grigetone will create a cold, high-tech look.

Furniture arrangement 

Determines people?s routes and movements within the room, a second level of interpretation of space which constructs our visual perception.

Reasoning in terms of paradoxes, if all the furniture were resting against the walls, we would have a central vision of the room, whereas we would lose this overall view if the furnishings were all in the middle of the room, so that we would walk around them; we would never have a complete view of the room we were in.

In interior design these two extremes must be reconciled in mediated perceptions of perspective, directing the viewers attention toward focal points such as windows or particular functional areas.

Ceramic surfaces can help, with their graphic designs, such as those in Eiffelgres Pillart collection.

The last essential point is environmental quality,

Which is obtained not through aesthetic choices or layout but by introducing sustainable materials with no toxic emissions, capable of maintaining the same fresh quality as a room with open windows.

Eiffelgres responds to this need with its commitment to sustainable economic growth and protection of the environment, and the companys responsibility in this area has been acknowledged with a number of international certifications.

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