Interlocking Bricks

With the interlocking brick, Building system shouldn’t be so hard

Interlocking Bricks – In this article, I share information about building materials are very interesting to me.

Interlocking bricks are like to adjoining pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Each brick has a projection at one end and a depression at the other. The projection of one brick fits in to the depression of the next so that they always align perfectly. The bricks have vertical holes in them which have a double purpose. Firstly, the holes reduce the amount of material required to make the brick without compromising on it strength. Secondly, steel rods can be inserted or mortar poured into them to increase the building’s strength and stability.

The Advantages of Interlocking BRIcks

I found out about this material on facebook. Here are the advantages of Interlocking Brick:

  • Cost-savings as cement and sand are not used for constructing the wall.
  • Less labor-intensive and more time-saving as the Interlocking blocks need only be fitted to each other; instead of conventional cement mortar construction.
  • Being a less heat-intensive and natural material, laterite retains coolness inside the house.
  • The Interlocking bricks can be salvaged without damage when the house is being dismantled in the future.

“Interlocking brick construction techniques can be used for everything from single to multi-story construction.”

The simplicity with which the bricks can be laid and aligned reduces the number of high wage skilled masons required on a construction project.

In the case of very large construction projects, an interlocking brick production facility can be set up at the construction site to provide the most cost effective supply solution.

To find the manufacturers and suppliers of different kinds of interlocking bricks in your area, you can check online to narrow down your search list.






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