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j-Arsi, Software Fractal Architecture

Indonesia is currently developing a software which is believed to provide a significant contribution to the world of architecture both domestically and internationally.

The software is applied to create architectural formations with parametric design approaches. By using the basic rules of mathematical calculations, users can create and explore shapes easily. The application is called the j-Arsi, with the results of the design known as “Fractal Architecture”.

Fractal Architecture provides convenience to the world of architecture to create architectural forms that often can not be accommodated by the previous architectural design software.

j-Arsi developed by Pixel Indonesia (, a research and technology company based in Bandung, Indonesia, with Muhammad Lukman as initiators and up to now being developed for perfect results.

j-Arsi is a development of jBatik ( to accommodate architects and designers. j-Arsi funded by the Higher Education and the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB).

Nowadays, Bandung Institute of Technology invites architects to participate in a contest for the Fractal Architecture Bandung Technopolis. The software for this contest is the j-Arsi, and for the alpha version can be downloaded for free on the website



j-Arsi helps you to discover form transformation in Architectural making by changing the form’s parameters, which results in an unexpected form. You can change parameter in editor box to get many different new shapes.

Minimum Requirement Processor Intel i3 with 2.13 Ghz clock Minimum 4GB of RAM


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