Low budget project

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Low budget project 

In this article, I share the ‘chatter’ from various disciplines of the question:

Do you think a low budget project can limit your creativity ?

In designing a project, we will meet the limits. These restrictions can be obtained from:

  • Low budget
  • processing time
  • Materials that may be used
  • Patterns that must be adhered to, etc.

Here are answers to these questions (Do you think a low budget project can limit your creativity):

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May be useful for generating insights in the works.

  • Danielle Cherrick,Junior Marketing Consultant at Tresnic Media: I think the real creativity is what you can some up with and do with a low budget. It forces you to think outside of what you might normally suggest, pulling those creative thoughts!
  • Adel Kassab, Senior Interior Architect / Project Manager / Design Consultant: Definitely it is a real challenge to pull those creative thoughts you are talking about with a low budget , but usually in such situation you should have priorities ,you focus on the idea itself or on the right execution and finishing which costs as well,otherwise creative idea with bad finishing or fairly normal idea with a high finishing.

  • Steve SorrellDirector at INTEC Group, Inc. : It’s just part of the puzzle. We are problem solvers, and we are charged with making a creative space no matter what. You can do beautiful things with just drywall and a space plan. High end finishes and other expensive products a great design does not make.

  • Kathryn Mitchell, Expert in Corporate Real Estate Design & Workplace Furniture Strategies: Absolutely not. Channelled the right way such schemes can heighten creativity.

  • San Sia Karina Tan, art director at Imposing Design Interiors Ltd: One of the reasons why we as interior designer should be involved in any projects is that we are able to think creatively. There are so many nice materials or interior elements but even as much look-a-likes.. I do not mind using them, as long as my design will be kept or followed as much as possible.

    We have had clients with different budgets, My main goal is to please every client I am working with.and that the design is especially made for him or her, within their personal budget.

  • Joe Sosa, Artist / designer at www.Joe Sosa.com: Only if your creativity and out of the box thinking need an excuse. How and where you use the resources available to you can make a huge difference.

  • Rochete Ovimbundo, APD: Sometimes yes, but in reality its can make you more creative in terms of working with small space and the idea of using a different material for your concept.

  • Peter Windsor, interior designer: Think hard and you will achieve anything whatever the budget. I love low budget projects they force you to be perhaps more innovative and use materials you would never expect to use.

  • Denise Wilder, Principal – Denise Wilder Interior Design: I think a low budget inspires creativity!

  • Tracey Andrews, Freelance Interior Designer, Tracey Andrews Interiors: I feel that yes a room can look good on a low budget but may be compromised on quality and longevity.

  • Alex Godikian, Design director godikian/DESIGN: “Less is more” Mies van der Rohe

  • Linda Clayton, Interior Designer and Window treatment specialist in South Florida, Allied ASID: There is a difference between a low budget and an unrealistic budget. I have had to work with both. Yes you can be creative with a low budget and it can often be fun, helps you to think outside the box. But in the end as much as we all enjoy our work we have to remember we also need to earn a living and sometimes you wind up spending far more time and energy on the low budget ones. So be careful not to over extend yourself and meet a low budget while cheating yourself.

  • Mary Anne Smiley, Owner/Interior Designer – Mary Anne Smiley Interiors| Custom Design| Interior Design + Art|Best of Dallas| Best of Houzz: I am sorry, but I disagree with most of you. My most creative product and interior design has come at the feet of an affluent client who gave me free reign to come up with the best possible design and was willing to pay for that. I always approach low budget projects with a lot of creative zeal, but find that rarely do they translate into finished projects as the client is either unable or unwilling to invest what is needed to produce the design even though they love it. So I try to stick to high end projects at this point. In early years I had no choice but to spend my creative energy on the low budget jobs I was able to procure. I found through those years that I was spending my creative energy and not making much money. That can wear down the creativity over a period of time!

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