Making Way for New Design Possibilities: Lunacrete Translucent Concrete

Freshome-Magazine- SOLI Architectural Surfaces launched Lunacrete translucent concrete, a new cutting-edge product that is concrete embedded with light. Lunacrete (a play on the words “luna” and “concrete”) is a handmade product in which optical fibers are embedded, layer by layer, into concrete when it is poured. Light is transmitted throughout via optical fibers, allowing light, shadows, and colors to be seen like water ripples through the thick concrete surface. The new product is very durable, and is ideal for wall panels, flooring (indoor or outdoor), stairways, desks and more. Standard colors are lava-grey and white.

Opening up new solutions and innovative opportunities in modern architecture, Translucent Concrete can provide input on astonishing architectural effects, value-engineering options, state-of-the-art connection systems, and other aspects that produce aesthetically pleasing precast concrete design. How do you personally regard this product? Do you believe in its massive potential? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by SOLI Architectural Surfaces]

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