POD Indawo

POD Indawo, a Stunning House In Just 183 Square Feet Of Space

“This will sound cheesy but everything about the POD is my favourite part. It’s just so unique and nice to look at.”

South African architect Clara da Cruz Almeida and designers Dokter + Misses have just launched a new and sustainable pod living system, the POD-Indawo. The locally designed and manufactured “nano-pod home” provides environmentally responsible urban living solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s South African residents, especially young professionals.

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“I love that you can lay in bed and look out of the window.”

The project makes inroads into eco-friendly, customizable living solutions designed for a Southern African context.

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“Living smaller will save you money in the long run; it could also make you happier.”

The system is modular, more units, each customized as per the user’s specification can be added to the system in turn transforming a nano-space into a larger dwelling for a variety of applications.

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“The height and airiness of the space as well as the indoor-outdoor connection.”

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People will see the pod as more than guest a backyard guesthouse, but instead a new model for home ownership where land ownership is not necessary

Resource: businessinsider.co.id

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