Rosanna Mataloni

Rosanna Mataloni, 3D rendering with Sketchup be fantastic

On this occasion, sharing a brief profile of a Sketchup Artist, Rosanna Mataloni.

Although only use Sketchup software to create a simple image in 3D, I was aided by following her website’s. I thank her for tutorials and tips are given.

For those of you who are studying software engineering using SketchUp, I suggest visiting the website and social media belongs Rosanna Mataloni:


I do not know her personally. Only occasionally commented on her facebook page and group. But you will find a variety of tips and benefits are very supportive of your technical progress in using Sketchup. You should immediately put it into practice in order to get maximum progress.

Nowadays the Internet technologies offer many opportunities and facilities. Be more helpful to the professionals who graciously give tips and advice to ease the learning process, one of which is Rosanna Mataloni, Sketchup Artist to make a website and facebook page for sharing tips and tricks about Sketchup.

SketchUp users are architects, designers, builders, makers and engineers. They are the people who shape the physical world. They are important, and they deserve great tools because great tools produce great work.

Today the latest version of the 3D modelling platform, SketchUp 2013, features various capabilities and tools that allow users to explore, modify and share design ideas in 3D, import CAD plans and photos, and even develop communication and planning deliverables.

But, despite the improvements and changes, the core of the program is unchanged: simplicity and accessibility remain the elements that set SketchUp apart from other BIM software.

“The beauty is how quick and easy it is to use,” notes Tasman Storey, design principal at Sydney-based Tropman & Tropman Architects, who says the platform is a great initial design tool that can generate a whole series of interiors and exteriors, elevations and fly-throughs.

“You have some ideas and you can put them down on SketchUp in conjunction with some AutoCAD drawings. You can add to it quite quickly, and if you’ve got the skill to apply a render, within hours you can have the design solve.

“It’s one of those programs that you can start off and add to your knowledge as you work on it quite easily. People who can’t draw quite well, or are unsure of what their building is going to look like, can also fall back on something like SketchUp.”

So, for those of you who want to deepen your knowledge and expertise with using Sketchup 3D drawing, you can do it. 😀


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