Snoozebox: Portable hotel

Snoozebox: Portable hotel

Over the years, hotels have become more than just places where people sleep while they’re on business or on vacation. Rooms now have graffiti on their walls and some aren’t really rooms anymore, but pods.

“The Only Hotel in the World with No Permanent Address”.

Then comes the Snoozebox. It’s the world’s first completely portable hotel because it’s all fashioned from shipping containers.

Snoozebox 01

The Snoozebox can accommodate 40 to 400 rooms and only requires three days to build and set up. 

snoozebox 03

You might expect simple interiors for such simple exteriors, but luxurious amenities await you once you’re inside: flat-screen televisions, en-suite washrooms, wireless Internet connections, and daily replenishment of toiletries.

Snoozebox 02

Construction Hotel looks futuristic with shades of white, pile Box Container material combined with clear glass and stainless steel. The concept is closer to like Caravan.



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