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Depends on the space efficiency and the space requirements of the building

Office Space – In a new office space, you normally feel confused as to what you should do, where to place things, how to make it look presentable, what color to paint the walls and what decorations to place.

Critical factor when a business takes on a new office space is Office lay out plan. This will be a collaborative effort between the Interior designer and the client.

The interior designer will focus on various elements to be incorporated into the workplace such as the color scheme, window treatment, furniture and lay out plan.

Open Plan Office Space or Closed Office Space

Privacy plays an important factor in the decision of whether to go for an open plan or individual office layout plan.

“Open plan office space encourages better communication and team spirit.”

Whilst various departments can be grouped together into pods in an open plan office space, monitors are still clearly viewed over employees’ shoulders and telephone calls and conversations between colleagues are easily overheard.

By having a number of people in the same room with no separating walls allows noise to build up from multiple telephones ringing, conversations between groups of people, this can cause huge disturbance to fellow workers and lapses in concentration.

This problem is completely eliminated when using an individual office style layout and could well be the best option for when sensitive information is often being discussed.

“Open plan office space is not only more cost effective in terms of initial set up, but also for heating, cooling and cleaning.”

So, the choice depends on the corporate culture of each company. And of course a variety of other considerations such as budget, efficiency and others.

Small Office Space

You have to make sure that everything in your work area is properly organized to prevent clutter to build up. Get the views of the staff and involve them. Such ideas can be very helpful in making your work area look bigger and more functional. You may well be surprised. Done well it can make for a team effort and benefit staff relations. And when this happens, you will be able to work efficiently and most likely, you will be more productive.

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“Improving your office space planning can be a good thing.”

When you have this planning in place, you will find out exactly how you can move your office around, but you will also find out if you have to get anything new into the office to get the proper look that you want to have.

Without knowing about how this can help your office you could easily avoid getting this done. Then you will not be able to have the great look to your office that you want to have. Instead, you could find that your companies offices will instead look like they are nothing more than a crowded place that you work out of and not the organized place you want your company to be known for.

The next thing that you have to look into is selecting the desks, tables, chairs and some other things that you need for your office. You might to consider a tall cabinet rather than a wide one so that can use it to store files and small equipments.

In addition, the following are tips to consider when decorating your new office space:

    • Paint. If you have walls, what shade of paint would you choose? Did you know that color plays a dramatic impact on your feelings? Sometimes, painting your own walls might be all the business office decoration you need to help improve the style and add sense of your space.
    • Wall Decorations. You can add pictures, paintings or the like on your bare and empty walls. A thing that will put a smile in your face or make the worker pasion.
    • Lighting. You need to incorporate enough lighting to your workplace. If you do not have a window in your workplace, make sure you plenty of overhead lights. You should carefully decide on the lighting location, consider the computer monitor and some other important factors.You can use different varieties light bulbs which emulates the light given by the sun.
  • Ornaments. Additional office adornments you can consider are plants, area floor covering, furniture and so on. Do not clutter your area to avoid accidents and injuries.

Finally, you have to consider some effective ideas on how to design it well. Such ideas can be very helpful in making your work area look bigger and more functional. And when this happens, you will be able to work efficiently and most likely, you will be more productive.








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