Scotty 3D Printing, Scanning & Milling Machine “Teleports” Objects

Artikel Arsitektur – Bagi yang menggemari film science fiction, pastinya akan menyukai film Star Trek. Yang paling fenomenal dalam film Star Trek menurut saya adalah Teleportasi.

Tim peneliti dari Leicester University, Department of Physics and Astronomy, mengatakan metode teleportasi yang sering ada pada film-film sci-fi disebut ‘Destructive Copying’.

“Metode ini memindai seluruh tubuh seseorang, kemudian menyalin dan mengubahnya dalam bentuk molekul untuk kemudian dibentuk kembali dalam wujud manusia di suatu tempat yang berbeda. Demikian seperti dilansir TechEye,”

Ilmuwan melakukan penelitian terhadap teleportasi seperti pada film Star Trek, dan hasilnya, hal itu sangat sulit untuk dipraktikkan.

Perkembangan Hukum fisika “saat ini” tidak memungkinkan menciptakan transporter yang bisa memindahkan orang ke lokasi lain secara instan, yang membutuhkan perjalanan dengan kecepatan cahaya.

Secara fisika, teleportasi fisik mungkin terjadi, tapi yang menjadi permasalahan adalah bagaimana dengan teleportasi metafisik.

“The Scotty machine has apability, it can destroy the original object while it’s being replicated on the second unit, effectively teleporting it.”

Untuk lebih jelasnya, marilah kita simak Video proses  Teleports Mesin ini:


Scotty is a simple self-contained appliance that allows teleporting inanimate physical objects across distance. Each unit consists of an off-the-shelf 3D printer that we have extended with a 3-axis:

  • milling machine,
  • a camera, and
  • a microcontroller for encryption/decryption and transmission.
  1. Users place an object into the sender unit,
  2. enter the address of a receiver unit, and
  3. press the teleport button.
  4. The sender unit now digitizes the original object layer-by-layer:
  5. it shaves off material using the built-in milling machine,
  6. takes a photo using the built-in camera,
  7. encrypts the layer using the public key of the receiver, and
  8. transmits it.

“The receiving unit decrypts the layer in real-time and starts printing right away.”

Scotty is different from previous systems that copy physical objects, as its destruction and encryption mechanism guarantees that only one copy of the object exists at a time.

“If Teleportation technology has become so rapid advancement, what can be used for the advancement of Architecture and design?”

Even though our current prototype is limited to single-material plastic objects, it allows us to address two application scenarios:

(1) Scotty can help preserve the uniqueness and thus the emotional value of physical objects shared between friends.

(2) Scotty can address some of the licensing issues involved in fast electronic delivery of physical goods.

“So why would you want to destroy an object instead of duplicating it? For the same reasons that paper shredders and copy protection software exist: security, commercial and even sentimental.”

Stefanie and her group also think that this could be a way to buy and sell objects online in the future.

The idea is that we’ll enjoy instant delivery without abusing 3D printing’s capacity to duplicate objects endlessly.

“However, I don’t think that this will be enforceable. People will just keep 3D files of the objects they want to dupe. Besides, the restriction can only be enforced if the seller has a Scotty-like machine. I doubt that 3D printer manufacturers can be forced into turning all of their products into Scottys.”




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